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Harnett County, Johnston County and Sampson County

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To speak with someone, leave a message at one of the following answering service phone numbers:

Harnett County                                                                                            (910) 894-7070

Johnston County
(919) 894-7070
(919) 219-1609
(919) 219-9330

A newcomer asks...

Am I an Alcoholic?

If you repeatedly drink more than you intend, or want to, if you get in trouble, or if you have memory lapses when you drink, you may be an alcoholic.

What advice do we give new people?

In Our Experience, the people who recover in A.A. are those who:

(a) Stay away from drinking,

(b) Attend A.A. meetings,

(c) Seek out people in A.A. who have long sober time,

(d) Try to put into practice the A.A. Program of Recovery,

(e) Obtain and study the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous.

All GSR Must be at District Meetings; 

To show that the group is still active in county!

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Please Email: webmaster@aanorthcarolinadistrict50.org 

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